About Me

My name is Shayna, often lovingly called Shay or Gina, due to my resemblance of Martin’s significant other on his television show dating back to the 90’s. I decided to start a blog to find a place of release where I could tell my story without pause and hopefully touch the heart of my readers through my transparency.

A majority of the material you will view in this blog is raw and uncut, the God honest truth of a young black woman who has battled with self-esteem issues, body dysmorphia, depression, anxiety and how she is still learning to embrace self-love and let go of self doubt. Mental health and its effects are a hush topic amongst our community but let’s be real … we ALL go through it. I’m here to talk about how we can GROW through it. You are not alone … Join me on this journey as I continue on my own.

Love yourself girl or nobody will.” – J. Cole