Time Heals All.

How many of us can actually say we give ourselves time to heal? How often do we engage in the healing process after we’ve experienced a traumatic or life-altering event? Do we take the necessary steps? Do we rush it or do we just completely ignore the whole thing and act as if it never happened?

I can confidently say I’m one of those people who never actually engaged in healing. I either rushed the process or acted like the event never happened. I was the type to experience a heartbreak then jump head first into another shitty ass situation … just making the same mistakes I had before. Ignoring the red flags I was well aware of and just focusing on the “love” I had been longing for.

I’m currently in a healing process and I’m doing things differently this time around. With that being said, I am uncomfortable as all hell. How does someone who never put themselves first learn this new behavior of being selfish? How does someone who had barely any boundaries now start drawing lines in front of people they used to feel they couldn’t live without? … with time, patience, and work!

I’ll be the first to say I’m an impatient person. I despise waiting .. especially for something I dearly want and feel I deserve. Being impatient though is what’s gotten me into situations that I had no business in. I’d be in those situations and have the patience of a saint yet the whole time, I was unhappy. Unhappy and thinking, “If I give it more time, things will change.” Stupid, right? Hey, we’ve all been there before but hopefully, a lightbulb has went off for some of us and we realize it’s time for a change. There are also those of us who are hard learners and think, “let me try this a third or fourth time, JUST TO BE SURE.”

Change is uncomfortable but growth is apart of the process. Don’t stay in a situation because to you, it has become your new “normal.” There’s nothing normal about being unhappy. There’s nothing normal about losing yourself and settling for the bare minimum. The healing process will not always be fun. Hell, it’s a rollercoaster ride with times where you feel yourself heading up, anticipating what’s at the top. Then suddenly, you hit a drop and you’re just screaming while you plummet and hope you don’t hit the bottom. Embrace it .. the uncomfortable and the ugly because in the end, a beautiful butterfly breaks out of the cocoon. If this healing process thus far has taught me anything, it’s taught me that putting me first isn’t selfish … it’s necessary.

Heal first … love can wait but self … cannot.” – Moore or Less

6 thoughts on “Time Heals All.

  1. Another stellar post Babygirl with a quote that is tshirt worthy! Putting yourself first is not selfish it’s necessary! Get the merch rolling sis!!! Lol just kidding no really I’m proud of you! On point as always. Keep up the excellent work!

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    1. Thank you, Daddy!!! You just gave me an idea!! 😁 I appreciate your support always Daddy!!! I love you! 😘


  2. The hardest thing for all of us to accept is that we are fully responsible for EVERYTHING we are experiencing. We live in a society that keeps its truths out of sight, out of mind. To reconnect with our truth requires space, stillness and some slowing-down of the mind in order to be honest with how and who we are. The power to heal ourselves and to re-direct our own lives lie in honest self-discovery. For true emotional healing, we need to want to be free from our physical pain and suffering – and this means really wanting to be free because the journey is tough, worthwhile and transformative. Focusing on “SELF” and being ready to start writing a “NEW” chapter in your book of life is the key.

    Powerful and awesome read Sweetie. Everyday I am amazed at your incredible knowledge and wisdom and extremely proud to be your mother. This is 🔥🔥🔥

    Keep striving, writing and grinding for greatness!

    Mommy loves you! 😘♥️😘

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words mommy! Are you sure you weren’t a writer in your past life? LOL you and Daddy’s support is always appreciate and means the world to me! I love you so much! 😘❤️


  3. I stumbled on your blog by purely being noisy but glad my curiosity did not lead me a stray. From day one, I knew it was something unique and special about you. You are why they coined the phrase “young, gifted and black”!! The transparency of your posts are telling of the genuine essence you spew on paper and in person. I hope I am around to see what you fully blossom into….#noglassceilings

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    1. Awwww Lisa! This brought tears to my eyes … thank you so much! I truly appreciate the time you took to give my blog a read. It means a lot to me!! 🤗


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