Without a Purpose.

The chapter of life I am currently in right now is learning to manifest the life that I want. I’ve always felt that my life was meant for more than just working a 9-5. My life was meant to be remembered. My life was meant to leave a mark. Though I felt all of this, a question always lingered in the deep crevices of my thoughts and feelings. What is my purpose? In my 31 years of life, I’ve yet to figure out what it is I am here for.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be many things. I remember watching “Harriet the Spy” and thinking that I wanted to be a writer. At a young age, I was already into journaling but after watching the movie, I dove deeper into my writing. I would either people watch or use my own life experiences to write short stories. I began collecting notebooks and pens, and still do to this day. Besides Reese’s and a nice bag of Smartfood white cheddar cheese popcorn, the way to my heart was a beautiful notebook with lined paper and a nice writing pen.

There was even a point in time where I felt I could be an influencer. I wanted to influence an audience who related to me on some of life’s daily and personal struggles. In 2017, I accomplished my weight loss goal for the first time ever out of all my attempts throughout my life. I accomplished this victory with the assistance of Herbalife products. My weight loss and the reactions of others to my transformation motivated me to become a distributor. I was also watching people like my sponsor achieve financial freedom and take trips to places that I had only dreamed of. I only managed to get 3 people on my team before I became discouraged and gave up. I felt I wasn’t receiving the support I needed to keep going. Now here we are in 2020 and the same people who told me “no” are now the same people who are promoting Herbalife or the new craze, Iaso tea and Nutraburst. No judgment whatsoever. By all means, get your coins and go off sis! My point is imagine where I’d be three years later had I not stopped. Imagine if I had believed in myself!

Now that I am older, I am searching for what truly lights my soul on fire. Is it still writing? I can say that Moore or Less is my baby … something I created of my own free will and creative mind. Who knows where this blog will take me, what potential it holds? There are days where doubt sets in because who am I to think that my words matter or are worth reading? That was a thought until one day my mother, who supports even my wildest ideas, says that she’s waiting on a book one day. This blog may just be the beginning.

I say all of this to say, don’t let life pass you by without chasing what it is that brings you true happiness. Do not let anyone detour you from your purpose. Be mindful of people who are comfortable and content in their stagnancy. Not everyone is going to share the same ambition as you. Not everyone is going to see your vision. Realize that not everyone can go with you. Pay attention to yourself. Focus on your mission, your goals. This is a process, a rough and sometimes ugly one that will reap fruitful benefits … if you believe. Let’s continue to heal and grow together because growth …


… to be continued.


3 thoughts on “Without a Purpose.

  1. Once again Sweetie an awesome, phenomenal and WELL written blog!! The content is definitely 100% truth and so much knowledgeable facts!! Keep spitting that fire 🔥 because definitely is an eye opener!! We often worry about what others think, or too busy trying to be people pleasers or fixers, and always putting our happiness and goals on hold for the stagnant ones, the haters and especially the non-believers. Once we say “BYE” and move forward it’s such a wonderful and beautiful feeling. Never hold on to excess baggage or anyone and/or thing that holds you back. Sometimes easier said than done but I’m living testimony. Must say I was so intrigued in the reading of this blog, got to the end…to be continued. You know me, WTF?!!! Only kidding, LOL. Can’t wait for Part 2. Keep grinding, striving and writing for greatness.

    Your number one fan!!!
    Love you Sweetie 😘♥️

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  2. Dang Babygirl you left me hanging! Excellent read as always. Full of great content and as your parent it gives me an intimate look into your thought process and causes me to judge whether or not Mom and I gave you sufficient enough support when you were growing up. Then when I read further I realize what a wonderful, thought provoking, and wise beyond your years perspective you give in your blogs. It makes me proud and emotional at the same time! Great job. Love ya!

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  3. And she does it again ppl!!! Killing it as per usual! Wake up and smell the motivation, determination and inspiration of this exceptional young woman. She has a message for all of us if we’re willing to listen and accept her insight. Sometimes it just takes the right person to deliver the message for it to be heard and understood clearly. Cuz you continue to bless us with this awesome talent of yours (one of many). I always look forward to reading your work because it’s captivating, vulnerable, and honest. You may not think you made a mark in life but trust me, you have, it just may not be as big as you want it yet. But there’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t succeed! You got this! Like you said – growth is a process. So plant that seed, water that sh*t, nurture that sh*t, and flourish till you can’t anymore! Proud of you always ♥️
    P.S. don’t hit me with anymore “to be continued…” you playing with my emotions lol and I agree with mom – we need you to write a book. Plus a podcast, tv show, movie … F*** it, just create an empire. 😎😎

    Love you 😘

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